That’s a rhetorical question: of COURSE you have. Unless you’d prefer the trap veteran’s dulcet tones to read you Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or Peter Pan, of course.

No, Gucci hasn’t taken a surprising career leap into audiobooks narration. Instead, this is something called Project Gucciberg created by a group called MSCHF (in The Verge’s words: “a group of VC-funded creators who make weird things designed to go viral online, like squeaky chicken bongs and Air Max 97 sneakers filled with water from the River Jordan”). They’ve built a deepfaked version of Gucci Mane’s voice and deployed it to read various classic works of literature. “We didn’t write the books, and we deepfaked the voice. Is this copyright infringement? Is it identity theft?” suggests the website. “All of the training data (recordings) used to make Project Gucciberg were publicly available on the web. Gucciberg lives in that lovely grey area where everything’s new and anything goes…”

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