Ensuring that the music clips used in social apps are properly licensed has been a key focus for rightsholders in recent years, and deals with Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and others have offered encouragement. Now one of the startups hoping to be a middleman in even more of these deals has announced an $11m funding round.

That startup is US firm Songclip, whose investors include Evolution VC Partners, Raised in Space and The Kraft Group, as well as entrepreneur Michael Rubin and music industry veterans Jason Flom and Steve Greenberg.

Songclip has built a catalogue of licensed music clips – publishing and sync rights included – with an API to help app developers make that catalogue available to their users. It sees an opportunity well beyond the biggest social apps. “Music has become the most sought-after feature for dating, photo and fitness apps, and Songclip makes this possible, with accountability and industry compliance,” promised CEO Andy Blacker.

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