If you want our tip for making life instantly 78% less stressful, mute the words ‘Harry’, ‘Meghan’ and ‘Piers Morgan’ on all your social apps. But if that fails, perhaps a new app called Sona is worth a try.

Developed by a US startup of the same name, it’s a ‘music therapy’ app offering a catalogue of music that aims to relieve stress, as well as helping people to focus or sleep. Available for Android and iOS, the app has a free trial before prompting users to subscribe for $3.99 a month or $29.99 a year.

A key part of Sona’s pitch is its scientific credentials, having already commissioned a neuroscience study on the effects of listening to its app for 10 minutes. “Not only did Sona’s music lead to a significant reduction in reported stress levels, but compared to the control condition it also succeeded in having a ‘restorative effect’ on the participants’ brain state, similar to the effects of meditation,” claimed the company. “During the ten minutes of Sona’s music, participants showed a significant increase in EEG markers of memory activation, including increases in theta and gamma band brain oscillations. After the brief Sona musical experience, participants showed an overall decrease in attention processing, measured by increases in alpha activity.”

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