In an industry often favoring major labels and traditional music deal structures, Opposition stands in the corner of the artist, offering the tools and support that allow artists to maintain control of their music and creative journey. Opposition works with artists to diversify their revenue through a suite of tailored services, including distribution & label services, rights management, e-commerce, mobile apps, brand sponsorships, influencer marketing, and more. 

As the music division of BBTV for 7+ years, Opposition has been able to generate multi-billion streams/month. A main focus of the last few years has been Opposition’s new Distribution & Label Services. A strong value offering and friendly artist deals has allowed Opposition to sign and release tracks from TisaKorean, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Zaytoven & Lil Yachty, KILLY, Terror Jr and more in the last two years. We’re a young and vibrant family looking for another passionate team member to join our team who is looking to grow and be a part of something special.

Sync Licensing & Publishing Specialist (US/UK/Canada – Remote)
We have a diverse and high quality catalogue to pitch for Sync Licensing opportunities across TV, film, advertising, videogames and other media markets. We’re looking for a candidate with existing relationships to leverage for placements. An ideal candidate also has strong knowledge in collecting Publishing revenue as they will assist in that in addition to driving Sync Licensing opportunities.

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*This job listing is listed in Los Angeles but available to candidates in other US cities, Canada and the UK

Artist Relations & Sales Specialist (US – Remote)
We are currently looking for a Sales rep for our Distribution & Label Services. Someone with A&R experience who has existing connections but also looking to grow within a company.

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