We’ve written regularly about Australian startup Popgun and its Splash music-making app, including its expansion as a Roblox game. By November 2020, the game had been used by more than 21 million players, while Popgun had also signed its first artist marketing partnership, with Tones and I.

Now there’s an update on Splash’s marketing potential: an artist called Kai performed her new single ‘Adore’ in Splash last weekend to more than 100,000 fans. The performances took place in seven venues within Splash, every hour for 48 hours.

Popgun released a video showing off some of the footage. But wait, who is Kai? Well, she’s actually a Roblox games developer from New York who’s the creator of Splash in its Roblox form.

The two-day series of performances may well be a showcase for what artists teaming up with the company could do. The game has now generated more than 64.8m visits from players on Roblox, with more than 636,000 of them setting it as a favourite.

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