How bad for the environment is streaming? It’s one of the questions we’re still seeking answers to. In the video streaming world, Netflix is playing its part.

The company has been working with researchers at the University of Bristol to calculate the carbon footprint of watching its service. Wired has the details:

“Netflix claims that one hour of streaming on its platform in 2020 used less than 100gCO2e (a hundred grams of carbon dioxide equivalent) – that’s less than driving an average car a quarter of a mile.”

The research is using a tool called ‘Dimpact’ developed by the researchers to help digital services of various kinds (video streaming, advertising, publishing and business intelligence) calculate their carbon footprints.

Netflix is going to use the data from the study to set its corporate climate targets. It makes us wonder whether Dimpact – or a tool like it – could be adapted to assess music streaming services too.

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