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Artist Yungblud is re-releasing a track from 2019 due to TikTok, but no, this isn’t because someone went viral singing along to it on a skateboard. Instead, Yungblud ran a duet contest on TikTok inviting fans to freestyle their own verse over his track ‘Parents’.

One of the most impressive entries was from a young singer-songwriter in Liverpool called Chloe Noone, and it went down so well, Yungblud invited her to a (Covid-safe) studio to re-record the track properly. It’s out now.

“When I saw it was re-emerging on TikTok I asked them if I should get an artist to remix it and who should that artist be. Then it occurred to me, this song is about us, it is a celebration of individuality and a celebration of the determination of my generation so i thought f**k it, I’m gonna release a record with one of my fans because this song is about my fans,” is how Yungblud described the collab.

TikTok, understandably, is throwing its weight behind the campaign too.

Image by Sven Mandel rawpic / CC-BY-SA-4.0

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