Kiswe is the US livestreaming technology company that has been working with Big Hit Entertainment on the VenewLive platform that’s been used by BTS for their concerts – and which recently took investment from Universal Music Group. Now Kiswe has published some stats on how its pay-per-view technology was used in 2020: not just for music, but for sports events (e.g. with the NBA and PGA Tour) too.

“Last year, 1.4 million viewers in nearly 200 countries enjoyed Kiswe’s pay-per-view solution for a combined 4.68M hours and 537.2 million interactive engagements – an average approaching 400 times per fan – and Kiswe delivered nearly 20 billion chat messages to fans,” said the company.

There is also some specific data for music concerts: Kiswe powered 13 of them last year on VenewLive, including the BTS events and a concert for Justin Bieber. The company also says that its ‘fan wall’ feature, which puts fans (via their webcams or smartphone cameras) into the background of the performances, gives a big boost to fans’ positive feelings about and their engagement in these events. “In one concert, chat volume increased by 144% and chat participants doubled when the performers engaged directly with the audience represented on the fan wall…”

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