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Fresh from his company launching its new Loud & Clear website focused on musicians’ streaming earnings, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek dropped in to Clubhouse last night alongside Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Shopify boss Tobi Lütke. Host Josh Constine has published the full audio and transcript.

From Music Ally’s perspective, the most interesting part was when Ek hinted at Spotify’s ambitions to do more to help musicians make money outside of pure streaming royalties. “So far music has been a one size fits all where we’ve just monetised it through the streaming revenues in itself,” he said. “And you had to, as a creator, figure out how to monetise that fan base off of other platforms. But I think the future is that we will become a lot better at monetising your fans and your super fans, even on Spotify. And I like to think and hope that platforms like Shopify and others can then interact with Spotify.”

He later returned to the theme. “This isn’t about just advertising or just about subscription, but it’s actually that the future will be about finding your audience and finding multiple ways of interacting with that audience across all of these different platforms, finding multiple ways of monetising them from when they are a casual user to all the way up to a super fan.”

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