UK’s Intellectual Property Office surveys musicians on earnings


We’ve been covering the UK’s parliamentary inquiry into the economics of music streaming, and the debates swirling around it about how much artists and songwriters earn. Now the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is running a survey to get some proper data on those earnings.

The survey is being run by research firm AudienceNet for the ‘Music Creators’ Earnings in the Digital Age’ project, which is the work of the universities of Leeds, Middlesex and Ulster, commissioned by the IPO. “We’re looking for UK-based music creators, at all stages of career, working in all genres to take part in the debate. By answering questions about making money from music in the streaming age, this is a chance to have your say,” explains the survey.

It is potentially a really important contribution to the debate, so if you work with artists, songwriters, producers, DJs and/or engineers in the UK, we think it’s worth encouraging them to take part.

Written by: Stuart Dredge