ChilledCow is one of the most well-known lo-fi hip-hop brands that have grown on YouTube and streaming services with their mixes for studying, working and/or relaxing to. But the most recognisable aspect of ChilledCow wasn’t, in fact, a cow – it was the animated girl studying in its YouTube videos while her cat lazed on a nearby windowsill.

Now the company is rebranding around her: it’s now called Lofi Girl. “This was a very tough decision to make, but the driving force behind it is the fact that ChilledCow’s name was chosen many years ago, and is no longer reflective of what the channel is about,” explained the company in its announcement of the rebrand.

On YouTube, Lofi Girl is about to reach the eight million subscribers milestone, while on Spotify its flagship ‘lofi hip hop music – beats to relax/study to’ playlist has nearly 5.2 million followers.

Just over a year ago, in February 2020, the brand had 4.4 million YouTube subscribers and 1.4 million followers for that Spotify playlist, so you can see how it has grown in a year when Covid-19 and its lockdowns left a lot of people needing to relax.

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