Parents are apparently getting in a bit of a flap about Yubo, because as tech site Protocol explains: “the app very openly wants young people to make new friends with strangers on the internet”.

With a user base focused around 13-25 year-olds, Yubo is proving popular though: the piece claims that the social app has signed up more than 45 million users since its early days as a tool to help people find new friends on Snapchat. Since then, Yubo has generated $20m of annual revenues; raised a $47.5m funding round; and honed its pitch as a disruptive newcomer to the social media world.

“There is no difference for this generation between online and offline. Older generations don’t understand this. When you don’t understand something, you are scared right away. This is normal, for them to be scared,” as CEO Sacha Lazimi puts it in the profile.

It’s worth a read as a primer on Yubo’s mix of chat, livestreaming and games, and perhaps as a spark to think about how artists and music could be a part of the app in future…

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