Secretly Group workers announce plans to unionise


Employees from independent music company Secretly Group and its subsidiaries have announced plans to form a union.

“Our goal is to spotlight the rights of our staff and the health of our workplace,” they explained on the Secretly Group Union website. “Working in the music industry is not an easy way to support oneself for the majority of people. Our enthusiasm for the culture in which we work can lead to exploitation in ways endemic to the creative industries: poor wages, inadequate benefits, lack of work/life boundaries, race and gender inequality. We seek to address these issues that are unsustainable for the well-being of our staff and thus the company at large.”

The new union has asked Secretly Group’s management to recognise it, but says that if the company does not “we will take our request to the NLRB [the National Labor Relations Board in the US] and with our numbers, win a vote to establish our union”.

Rolling Stone has more background on the move, including an initial response from Secretly Group saying “we are open to this discussion… we want to respond int he right and ethical way, and doing this with the requisite care will take some time”.

Written by: Stuart Dredge