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SoundCloud is adding a new string to its artist-partnerships bow with the launch of First on SoundCloud. it’s billed as an accelerator program for artists, starting with nine independent musicians: Charmaine, Ela Minus, Kid Quill, Lourdiz, Otis Kane, Pa Salieu, Payday, Sofia Mills and SoFaygo.

‘First on SoundCloud’ is actually an existing program for promoting emerging artists on the streaming service; what’s new is the accelerator aspect. “We’ll work directly with the artists over this year to help them drive real, meaningful advances in their careers, while helping them reach new creative milestones and growing their global fanbases,” promised Erika Leone, VP of brand marketing at SoundCloud.

The company is hiring journalist Kiana Fitzgerald to write profiles of each artist; producing interviews and behind-the-scenes video content; promoting them on its ‘First on SoundCloud playlist; and will also hold a live event featuring the artists.

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