‘Be The Change’ explores challenges for women making music


TuneCore and Midia Research have teamed up to publish a report called ‘Be The Change: Women Making Music’. It’s based on a survey earlier this year of women musicians, to understand the challenges they face. 401 responded (plus another 103 men) – a mixture of artists, songwriters and producers, 42% of whom were independent.

Among its key findings: 81% think that it is harder for women artists to get recognition than men, and almost two-thirds cited sexual harassment or objectification as a key challenge. That was the biggest problem, followed by ageism (38%), lack of access to male-dominated industry resources (36%) and lower pay (27%).

The report goes further than outlining the problems: it also suggests some of the solutions, from creating more equality and opportunity; making sure there are more women in positions of leadership; providing more support and resources; and tackling sexual harassment, objectification and ageism. You can read the full report here.

Written by: Stuart Dredge