Secretly Group recognises its employees’ new union


When workers across music company Secretly Group announced plans to unionise earlier this month, it could have set up a battle with the company, if it had refused to voluntarily recognise the new union. Happily, the outcome has been more positive.

“There are steps still to be worked out, but we share the Union’s goal of voluntary recognition, and we are working to that end,” explained a letter from the company’s partners. “Our employees have taken this progressive step to empower themselves in partnership with us. We applaud this effort and we welcome this renewed opportunity for that partnership.”

The devil will be in the detail: of what those “steps still to be worked out” are, but it sounds like a constructive response: “We are also confident that this is a positive step for our company and the industry writ large, and it is with this in mind that we look forward to recognition and collective bargaining with the Secretly Group Union.” One wonders how many other music companies’ workers may be reading this, and considering following suit now…

Stuart Dredge

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