Social network Hornet taps AI Music for adaptive soundtracks


Hornet is a popular social network for gay people, having signed up more than 30 million users. Now it’s doing something interesting with AI music (the technology) and AI Music (the company).

Hornet has teamed up with the British startup to use its tech to create ‘adaptive soundtracks’ for people’s video stories. That means that when Hornet users are creating a video, they’ll be able to tap a button to get a “custom-composed, royalty-free soundtrack” based on analysis of the video itself.

Hornet says that the feature will “initially” be free to use, which hints at potential plans to charge for it in future.

It’s one of the first rollouts at scale of this application of AI-created music, although in the past companies like Jukedeck and Amper Music did make influencers one of their target markets for music that could be used across their various social networks.

Written by: Stuart Dredge