Sure, Beethoven was pretty good as classical music composers go, but don’t you think his stuff could do with a few modern twists? Don’t worry, Deezer’s new ‘Beethoven Recomposed’ project hasn’t turned ‘Für Elise’ into a sea shanty or reconfigured ‘Piano Sonata No 14’ into an NFT with a dancing-llama GIF. Instead, the streaming service invited 12 current pianists to give some Beethoven pieces their own twists.

Sofiane Pamart, Chilly Gonzales, Chloe Flower and others did their work, and the resulting album is now available exclusively on Deezer, in its Beethoven Channel, including a hi-res version for its HiFi tier.

The release follows Deezer’s recent ‘Classical Revival’ report co-published with the BPI and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which claimed that under-25s accounted for 42% of classical music streams on Deezer globally.

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