Musiio is one of the startups we’ve been tracking in recent years, as it develops its technology to scan and tag large catalogues of music. And also search through them more efficiently, as seen in its latest partnership, with Australian music licensing firm Melodie. The latter has a catalogue of more than 15k tracks which it licenses to businesses and individual creators.

Musiio is powering a new feature called ‘audio to search other audio’, which the company describes as “Google Reverse Image Search for audio”. In other words, the ability for someone to use an MP3 file or YouTube link to search for similar music within Melodie’s catalogue. The alternative being traditional text searches or tags. “It’s often hard to describe what you’re looking for with words. Now we have an instant solution for requests like, ‘do you have anything that sounds a little like X’” said Melodie MD Evan Buist.

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