OurSouls takes on Clubhouse with NFT-minted live audio debates


2021 is the year audio startup Clubhouse became a $1bn unicorn, but it’s facing plenty of competition.

Twitter and Facebook already have Clubhouse-like features in testing, Spotify just bought Locker Room, and startup OurSouls is launching out of stealth mode this morning with an iPhone app, and funding led by VC firm Looflirpa Fund.

Silicon Valley veteran Hillman Hunter, fresh from a lucrative exit for his ephemeral payday-loans startup CashFlow·io, says it can take on the established live-audio competition.

“Our strength will be our community: literal OurSouls who are creators and consumers of compelling audio content,” he said.

The app is gamified: users work towards ‘Prime OurSoul’ status by talking, interrupting other speakers and creative use of emoji in the chat window.

OurSouls – ”we chose the name because it demands to be said out loud!” – is also aboard another 2021 tech trend: non-fungible tokens.

Whenever a panel debate finishes, it is instantly minted as a set of NFTs commemorating the discussion, which audience members can bid for. “Half an hour listening to OurSouls could make your crypto fortune,” promised Hillman.

Stuart Dredge

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