Spotify’s new artist, genre and decade-based mixes go live


During its recent ‘Stream On’ event Spotify revealed plans to launch a new suite of personalised playlists as an expansion to its ‘Daily Mix’ family. They’d be based on artists, genres and decades. Now the new mixes are rolling out to free and premium listeners globally, sitting within Spotify’s ‘Made For You’ hub alongside its other personalised playlists.

The mixes available will depend on each listener’s habits. For example, we’re currently seeing soul, pop, dance/electronic and indie as the first four genre mixes; L’Impératrice, Dua Lipa, Jane Weaver and The Avalanches as the first four artist mixes – with each of those mixes featuring artists in the same ballpark – with 90s, 2010s, 2000s and 70s as the first four-decade mixes. Like the Daily Mixes, these new playlists will automatically update regularly.

Stuart Dredge

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