Chartmetric tracks cumbia, trap corrida, guaracha electrónica


We’re fans of the big data dives being done by analytics firms like Chartmetric and Soundcharts. The former company has just published the third in its series of posts tracking the evolution of Latin American music genres. This one focuses on three: cumbia (in numerous variations across the continent); trap corrida and guaracha electrónica.

The post includes input from Deezer, whose Latin music global editor Diego Burgos relates the tale of pop artist Camilo’s “modern cumbia pop song” ‘Vida de Rico’, which was a big hit in 2020. “Also, DJs, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Electronic artists are using Cumbia elements and sampling classic Cumbia rhythms for parties and mixtapes. This has generated a ‘new Cumbia’ scene in countries like Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina,” explains Burgos.

There’s plenty more to read in the piece, drawing on data from Deezer and other streaming and social platforms.

Stuart Dredge

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