As the likes of Snapchat and Instagram do more with music, TikTok is fighting back by bolstering its own suite of music-related features for its creators.

Yesterday, it announced plans for some “immersive music creative effects” launching in the coming weeks. They start with a music visualizer, which “runs real time beat tracking to animate an out-of-this-world, retro greenscreen landscape that will move right to the beat of your favorite space song” (or any song from TikTok’s library). Artist Area21 has already tested it out with a teaser for their new track ‘La La La’.

Still to come are five more effects: music machine will let people play with Midi loops and BPMs when making videos; delayed beats will sync still images to the beat of songs; text beats are animated text overlays that switch in time to music; solid beats are visual effects (“imagine connecting your favorite lava lamp directly to your stereo”); and mirror beats will time the transitions in a video to the beats of a song.

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