AmazeVR raises $9.5m for its plans to put on immersive concerts


We first wrote about virtual reality startup AmazeVR early in 2020, when it raised a $2.5m funding round that included K-Pop firm YG Entertainment’s investment arm. Now the company has announced its next funding round: $9.5m from an array of investment firms, with AmazeVR telling Pollstar that it’s also looking for strategic investments from artist management groups.

The startup’s focus is on using VR and immersive technologies for music concerts. “We’ve actually been focused on our immersive concerts pre-pandemic since 2019. We really believe that it’s providing a certain value that fans can’t have in their life by allowing fans to come up close and personal with their favorite artists to have the shared, intimate experience,” said co-CEO Ernest Lee.

AmazeVR is working with R&B duo Ceraadi on a concert to be held later this year, and filmed for delivery to VR headsets.

Written by: Stuart Dredge