Lupe Fiasco is the latest artist exploring the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) space, working with a pair of startups: Origin and Futurestream. The twist here is that Fiasco’s NFTs will be tied in to a livestream concert: Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, which will be held on Futurestream for buyers of his five ‘open edition’ (i.e. not limited in the numbers available) NFTs. They will also get access to an online meet’n’greet after the concert, with the promise of “exclusive access to limited edition physical merchandise and premium digital content” – the latter including AR Instagram and Snapchat filters.

The five NFTs ranged in price from $215 to $2,015, and thanks to the site publishing figures for how many were minted we can gauge the money being made. The $215 ‘I Gotcha’ NFT was minted 61 times (so $13,115 in gross revenues); the $415 ‘He say, she say’ one was minted 20 times ($8,300); seven people stumped up for the $715 ‘Daydreaming’ NFT ($5,005); nine bought the $1,015 ‘The Cool’ NFT ($9,135); and 15 went for the $2,015 ‘Kick, Push’ NFT ($30,225). That’s a net total of just under $65.8k.

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