Leaked TikTok deck reveals it has 732m monthly active users


At the end of July 2020, TikTok had 689.2 million monthly active users worldwide. We know that because the figure was published in the company’s lawsuit against the Trump administration in the US amid attempts to force a sale or shutdown of its app in the US. How has TikTok’s user-base grown since though?

A leaked marketing deck for the company, which the Social Media Today site has filleted, suggests that the figure has grown to 732 million monthly active users globally. That suggests TikTok has been adding roughly 5.4 million new users a month. We say ‘roughly’ because it’s unclear exactly when the figure is from. If it were an end-of-2020 stat, the growth would be more like 8.6 million new users a month.

The deck also revealed that 59% of TikTok users are under 24 years old (and 17% are aged 13-17) while outlining some of the company’s plans for new advertising formats.

Stuart Dredge

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