Music creation startup Endlesss has been holding online jams using its app for a while now, but this week it’s trying something new. The company will be streaming its latest jam this evening (15 April) and minting the best bits as NFTs to sell.

“The full process – from the first notes of the performance to the NFTs being selected, refined and made available to the public for purchase – will be broadcast live to provide inspiration and embrace transparency,” said CEO Tim Exile. “With DIY musicians more curious than ever to explore possibilities for reclaiming agency over their creative output in the NFT ecosystem, Endlesss aims to demonstrate the exciting new ways to capture and present spontaneous musical magic as collectibles.” Endlesss will be selling the NFTs on the Hic et Nunc marketplace as soon as they are minted.

It all kicks off at 8pm on Twitch and Mixcloud.

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Stuart Dredge

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