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We’ve seen Spotify doing deals with podcast production companies, and major labels doing deals with podcast production companies. The logical next step comes with the announcement by Warner Music Group and Spotify that they’re developing a range of music-focused podcasts together.

The announcement describes them as “original podcasts”, so it seems likely (if not yet 100% confirmed) that they will be exclusive to Spotify. Details of the specific shows have also yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, Spotify is pressing on with its own original shows. Its popular music podcast ‘Dissect’, which analyses a different album each season, is being reinvented as ‘Decode’ for the UK. Its first series will explore Dave’s album ‘Psychodrama’. It’s an example of how Spotify is starting to take its key podcast brands and localise them for different countries: a format development model familiar to the TV industry, but now spreading to podcasts too.

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