Sentric blogs ‘the life cycle of a publishing copyright’


Pure-Horse sound amazing. “A four piece alternative band who are influenced by Radiohead, ABBA, The Ronettes, Slipknot, BTS and Little Mix,” apparently. “Imagine the songwriting sensibilities of The Beatles combined with the stage presence of Prince and then immediately forget that and instead envisage the Arctic Monkeys covering a Bananarama B-side in a bossanova style.”

Okay, Pure-Horse aren’t a real band, but they are a fictitious combo with a serious purpose: as the case study for a series of posts from Sentric Music explaining the life cycle of a publishing copyright.

“They’re going to hit landmarks that everyone reading this would be delighted to hit themselves (radio playlisting, Spotify playlisting, sync deals etc.) and we’re going to delve into what publishing income is generated from these said landmarks and how long it’d take for that publishing income to come through,” explained the company. Definitely a series to follow.

Written by: Stuart Dredge