MRC Data publishes music reports on Spain and France


We’ve regularly written about research firm MRC Data’s reports on the US music market, but the company casts its net globally too. It has just released ‘360’ reports on Spain and France, exploring music trends in those countries.

In Spain, it found that 86% of the general population engages with music, and that 52% of music listeners are using streaming services – up 6% year-on-year. 11% of music listeners are currently paying for a streaming subscription, but 32% say they are likely to subscribe to a streaming service in the next six months.

As for France, 75% of the general population there engages in music, with 73% of those listeners using a free streaming service, and 10% paying for a subscription.

The reports also offer some livestreaming stats. 35% of Spanish people and 33% of French people have watched at least one music livestream in the last year, and of those viewers, 27% and 34% respectively have paid to watch a livestream.

Written by: Stuart Dredge