Jagwar Twin launch ‘madlib emoji experience’ for new single


Mad Libs is the game where people have to fill in the blanks in sentences, often for comic effect. Artist Jagwar Twin is riffing on the idea with a campaign for their new single ‘Down To You’, throwing emojis in to the mix as well.

Fans are being invited to visit a website, and work through 10 choices between pairs of emoji, which are then inserted into a story about their “own unique journey”. Ours started with a peach, involved defeating a broccoli guardian, and finding the devil in our heart, since you ask. The end result is a personalised image to share with the story including (since fans are asked for their Instagram name at the start, although not to actually log in) their profile photo. It’s a fun idea, but we’ll be eyeing broccoli with some suspicion from now on…

Stuart Dredge

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