BBC Sounds app gets chilled-out ‘relax’ stream from Radio 1


In the UK, the BBC Sounds app started life as a smarter way to access on-demand radio shows from public-service broadcaster the BBC, as well as its growing stable of podcasts. However, BBC Sounds is quietly becoming a decent music-streaming service too.

The latest example is ‘Relax’, a stream of chillout music, mindfulness sessions; wellbeing tips; “deep sleepscapes” using sounds from the BBC’s famous wildlife documentaries; and even an hour of ASMR: “those sounds that make you tingle, even if you don’t quite know why” as it put it.

This follows the launch of a 24-hour stream of dance music within BBC Sounds in September 2020, and an expansion of its wellbeing and workout mixes section that June.

Stuart Dredge

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