What’s better than getting out of a Zoom meeting you don’t want to have to sit through? Getting out of a Zoom meeting you don’t want to have to sit through but sending an avatar of Snoop Dogg to sit through it for you! At least, that’s the idea being tested by Zoomcorder, the latest startup launched by digital music veteran Michael Robertson.

The service records Zoom calls for its users then sends them a video to watch later, but it also includes a feature to send a virtual avatar in their stead. Now Zoomcorder has signed a licensing deal for one of the famous tech early adopters in music: Snoop Dogg.

“Zoomcorder users can now select Snoop Dogg to appear in any meeting on their behalf. When chosen, it appears as if Snoop Dogg has joined the video meeting since other attendees see a realistic video of him,” explained the company.

Two versions are available: clean and PG13 (“where Snoop is relaxing in a typical Snoop fashion”). “You read about deepfakes, but here’s one of the first examples of a celebrity embracing a video AI licensing deal creating a fun and unique experience where Snoop appears to attend a meeting,” said Robertson.

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