And if you think that’s a cheesy headline, you should have seen the rejected ‘Dancing on the CDN’ and ‘Once, Twice, Three Times a Decentralised App ERC-721 Token’ ones we rejected… But yes, Lionel Richie is the latest artist to launch some non-fungible tokens (NFTs), working with Crypto·com’s marketplace – and visual artist Klarens Malluta – to do it.

The NFTs went on sale yesterday (26 April) in four limited editions: Hello, Vinyl Lionel, All Night Long, and Louder Than Words. The NFTs cost $250 and are each available in 150 editions. At the time of writing, the morning after launch, 368 of the 600 are still available.

No original music (like Eminem), tickets for life (like Kings of Leon) or equity-in-copyrights business going on here: just trippy short animations of Richie, and some spoken words from the man himself.

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