Imogen Heap teams up with Endlesss for her first series of NFTs


Imogen Heap was one of the very first artists talking about (and experimenting with) cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, so it’s no surprise to see her also exploring what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all about.

Heap has worked with music creation startup Endlesss (in which she’s an investor) to launch her first series of NFTs. Aptly called ‘Firsts’.

Heap has taken some of the improvised music that she has made using Endlesss’s app; commissioned visualisations from visual artist Andy Carne, and put the NFTs on sale on the OpenSea marketplace using an auction model.

Also interesting: each NFT lists its creative credits and the percentage that those people will get of the proceeds: 8.33% for Heap and her musical collaborators; 16% for Carne; 3% for the mastering engineer; 3% for the NFT drop producer; 45% to Heap’s Creative Passport startup; and 5% to Nori. That’s another interesting (and positive) angle here: Nori is a ‘carbon removal marketplace’ that supports projects tackling the climate emergency. The environmental costs of NFTs are a matter of some controversy, but offsets are one way of trying to deal with that issue.

Written by: Stuart Dredge