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The European Commission’s decision to send Apple a statement of objections on the grounds that it has “distorted competition in the music streaming market” was a setback for the company. But it came as another high-profile App Store battle had its day in court.

The Epic Games vs Apple trial kicked off yesterday, and there is plenty of tea for observers to sip. For example, there’s the analysis by a witness for Epic Games claiming that Apple’s App Store operating margin was 77.8% in 2019 and 74.9% in 2018, although Apple claims these calculations are wrong.

Other documents reveal just how much money Fortnite made for Epic Games across 2018 and 2019 (more than $9bn); and plans for a bundle including Apple Music, Apple TV+ and a Fortnite subscription in the days before the company’s big fallout.

Expect plenty more spice in the coming days as the trial continues, in a battle that is enormously relevant to Spotify’s campaign against Apple in the music streaming field.

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