The founder of music creation startup BandLab has been talking to American Songwriter about the company’s growth to more than 33 million registered users. But something that Meng Ru Kuok said about the demographics of BandLab’s music-making community stood out to us as interesting.

“Because of the accessibility of BandLab as a platform, we’re seeing a very interesting gender split. Normally, you see a strong ‘male’-skewed split in terms of user base,” he said. “When we were looking at BandLab, we realised that we have much closer to a 35% to 65% split between female and male. We’re not going to take credit for something we didn’t necessarily intentionally do, but I think there’s something very interesting there, especially considering that other platforms usually have a 10% to 90% or even a 5% to 95% split… So many talented girls and female producers are on the platform. That, in itself, is creating a wave of creativity in terms of ideas and production techniques.”

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