Netflix getting into music playlists? If ever there were a story to set off klaxons within the HQs of Spotify and its rivals it’s this. But silence the alarms for now: Netflix’s music streaming ambitions appear to be focused mainly around its core content of TV shows.

Protocol reports on a survey sent to some Netflix customers to canvass their opinion on ‘N-Plus’, described as “a future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and anything related to them”.

Among the features mooted: N-Plus listing the music used in TV shows and enabling people to create their own playlists from that catalogue.

This is just a survey: if the response isn’t warm, such a feature may never happen. But it *is* interesting to see Netflix exploring music beyond its traditional role in the sync business.

And of course, the playlists feature described would surely work best if it were an integration play with the established music streaming services…

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