Talpa Network is the company founded by John de Mol, the TV super-producer who developed formats including Big Brother and The Voice. His company’s latest show sounds pretty interesting: Avastars is a music and dance talent show, but with a strong augmented reality element.

“Great singing and dancing talents will be combined into duos. With the help of both programmers and stylists, each duo creates their own avastar,” explains the pitch. “The avastars they create may represent humans or even animals. From gender, body shape, hair and skin color to clothing style and makeup: the duos get to decide it all themselves… The singing talent is responsible for controlling the avastar’s facial expressions and voice. The dancing talent wears a special suit to control all the movements of the avastar’s body and head. What we see, is an avastar who sings and dances like the real thing but who only truly comes to life when both disciplines perfectly complement each other during the live performances.”

The show will be broadcast on Dutch TV channel SBS6 early in 2022, but Talpa will be looking to license the format elsewhere in the world if it works well. Here’s a sizzle reel.

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