Clean Bandit release their own sample pack on Splice


Clean Bandit are the latest artist to explore the world of music creation, by releasing their own sample pack on Splice. The pack includes 110 samples: drums, synths, basslines, FX and more. The samples can be downloaded and used by anyone with a Splice subscription.

This is part of a bigger picture of the burgeoning market for creator tools, sounds included, which a growing number of professional artists are exploring.

In December 2020, Midia Research published a report trying to quantify that market, claiming that in 2019 the ‘music software, sounds and services’ sector generated $884m in revenues, including $157m on sounds. Splice has become one of the key companies operating in this space. It appointed its first chief music officer, Maria Egan, in June 2020, and later that year revealed that it had paid out $11m in royalties for the first nine months of 2020. Then, in February 2021 it raised a $55m funding round valuing the company at $500m. No wonder Clean Bandit would, ahem, Rather Be getting involved…

Written by: Stuart Dredge