We were the first to write about AI music startup Boomy in early 2019, after spotting its profile on an investment site. Since then, we’ve covered its growth as a company that lets anyone use its AI to create music and release it on streaming services.

Just over two years after launching officially, Boomy is now emerging from beta, with some stats to brandish too.

The company says that more than 2m tracks have been created using its system by “hundreds of thousands” of users, with those tracks having been streamed “millions of times” so far. That output is an average of around 77k new songs created every month on Boomy, which for reference is around 4.3% of the total number of new tracks released on streaming services.

Boomy isn’t just coming out of beta with new stats, however. It has new features too, including a revamped user interface, and the ability for its users to add their own vocals to the songs they create with its system.

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