British artist Natasha Khan (aka Bat For Lashes) is the latest musician exploring Patreon as a new source of funding. And like those other artists, she’s experimenting with what kind of stuff – beyond music – her fans might be willing to pay for.

The Bat For Lashes Patreon has two tiers. For £5 a month, fans will get to read Khan’s handwritten letters posted online, including answering their questions, as well as a recipe or crafting share of the month, and “mood boards full of inspirations, top picks and ideas for you to get your vampire teeth stuck in to”. Meanwhile, fans who pay £10 a month will get all that, plus “an exclusive monthly musical treat”; backstage videos during tours; and “BAT MAGIK! Natasha will pull the Patreon community’s tarot card of the month and explore its themes and meanings”.

Another reminder that for artists, crowdfunding can be about much more than just their music: in fact, sharing their other interests with fans may be the key to doing it well.

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