TikTok is having a busy month rolling out new features (and tests of new features) for its app. The latest is called ‘Green Screen Duet‘, and is a combination of two of its existing tools (yep: Green Screen and Duet) that have proven popular.

“With Green Screen Duet, users will be able to use another video from TikTok as the background in a new video. As with all Duets, the creator of the Duetted video is credited in the new video’s caption with a link that directs to the original,” is how TikTok explained it. “To use the feature, users Duet the video they’d like to use as their Green Screen background and select Green Screen from the Duet layout options. The Duetted video will play in the background of your new video as you record.”

TikTokers are already jumping on the new tool, and it could be useful for musicians too: both to use themselves, and to further the viral spread of their own videos.

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