Last week’s Brit Awards made a digital splash well beyond the UK, according to stats released by the organisers this morning.

The event was watched by 1.7 million people on YouTube, which hosted a livestream for viewers outside the UK. That’s up 60% year-on-year, with videos from the event reaching more than 15m views within a couple of days of the awards.

Meanwhile, the Brits Red Carpet Live Show notched up more than 800k views on Twitter, TikTok and YouTube; there were 20k Brits-related tweets every minute at the show’s peak; more than 11m views of Brits TikTok content on the day of the show itself; and Instagram likes more than doubling (up 125%) year-on-year.

It’s a mark of how current music awards shows judge their success: not just on TV viewing figures in their domestic market, but on digital engagement globally.

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