BVMI offers stats on video streaming’s role in Germany


Video streaming contributed less than 4% to Germany’s recorded music income last year, despite being one of the most popular consumption methods, according to German music industry body BVMI.

Germany’s recently-released figures for 2020 showed a largely healthy digital market, with audio streaming revenue up 24.6% last year to €1.13bn, or 63.4% of total income. Downloads made up 4% but the “digital other” category in the BVMI figures, which includes video streaming, real tones and ringback tones contributed just 3.8% to total income.

Speaking in our latest Germany country profile, BVMI CEO Dr Florian Drücke says that, according to a long-term study on music consumption, “Among the free streaming offers, YouTube is the number two channel (41%) after Spotify (62%) for people to listen to music via free streaming offers – far ahead of other offers.”

For all this, Drücke remains largely positive. He doesn’t want to comment on revenue figures for the first two months of 2021 before BVMI publishes its half-yearly figures but concedes that they “don’t look bad”. You can read the full country profile here.

Written by: Stuart Dredge