Clubhouse, schmubhouse? There’s a new social app at the top of the App Store charts, and it is styling itself as “the anti selfie selfie club”. That app is called Poparazzi, and it’s a photo-sharing app that claims to be pushing back against the pressure to look perfect in every snap shared to other social platforms.

The schtick here is that Poparazzi users don’t share photos of themselves: their profile consists entirely of photos of them shared by friends – although they can remove any that they don’t like.

After some beta buzz, the app’s pre-install page on Apple’s App Store generated more than 500k pre-installs – hence that chart-topping performance once it launched.

There’s no obvious music angle right now, but you can imagine this being interesting if public figures including musicians were to have profiles on Poparazzi populated (when it’s safer to be out and about posing for selfies and playing concerts) with photos taken by fans.

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