Chainsmokers’ VC firm invests in fan-funding startup Fanhouse


News site Tubefilter describes Fanhouse as “an OnlyFans-esque platform for safe-for-work content”, although it’s also true that OnlyFans itself is trying to get more of that content on its own platform.

At any rate, Fanhouse has announced a $1.3m pre-seed funding to build its business, with Mantis VC, the venture capital fund launched by electronic music duo The Chainsmokers, among the investors. Max Cutler, founder of Spotify-acquired podcasting firm Parcast, is also among the early investors in the company. It also pointed out in a Twitter thread announcing the funding that 30% of its ‘cap table’ (i.e. its shareholders) are women.

Fanhouse has been going for eight months and has signed up more than 650 creators to offer paywalled content through its site, with the company taking a 10% cut.

Written by: Stuart Dredge