Platforms like Splice which sell sample packs to musicians have also become an interesting revenue opportunity for artists and producers: creating loops and beats for other people to use. However, this is one of the areas where AIs may soon be competing with human musicians.

Witness Tapes·ai, a new startup that’s trying to use AI to build “the future of sample packs”. The AI is creating the samples, although the company stresses that humans are then curating that material into packs.

The packs are big too: more than 5,000 loops per pack, which it suggests is 50 times more than in most sample packs. “We are starting with 7 packs, but we have a lot more in the works,” wrote creator Ehsan Ziya in the startup’s introductory post on Product Hunt.

Other startups are exploring this idea too: for example Popgun in Australia, which built an AI to create sample packs for its own Splash application and Roblox game.

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