AudioMob is a startup focusing on in-game audio ads for mobile games, and it has been working on campaigns with a number of labels including WMG and BMG.

Now it’s also got backing from Google, which has made it one of the startups in the company’s European Black Founders Fund. This means an undisclosed investment in the company – one of 30 to be chosen for the fund – ahead of AudioMob’s planned Series A funding later this year.

“We are proud to receive funding from Google and will use the funding to improve our hiring practices and expand our engineering team,” said CTO Wilfrid Obeng. “Google is once again moving to support diversity and representation across the investment and technology sectors. These themes deeply matter to us, and the funding itself will be used to bring more technological advancements, patents and growth, not just through innovation but also diverse thinking,” added CEO Christian Facey.

AudioMob was one of the promising startups identified by Music Ally’s Kushal Patel in his Sandbox Summit Global talk last month.

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