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Call us naive in the ways of European legislation if you like, but this seems bizarre. Yesterday was the deadline for European Union member states to implement the bloc’s new copyright directive, so the European Commission published its guidance on implementing its important and controversial Article 17 section… last Friday. Not hugely helpful. And by the looks of things, the welcome for the guidance has been distinctly mixed, on both sides of the copyright debate.

CMU has a piece on collecting societies body Gesac and indie body Impala expressing concerns about how the guidance may go beyond the scope of the directive, while Techdirt has an almighty blast for it “cravenly introducing huge loophole for copyright companies” in its upload filter guidance.

Given the polarised views on these matters, it’s no surprise that the EC can’t please everyone. What remains to be seen is how closely the many EU member states who have yet to implement the directive follow the guidance – which is not legally binding.

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